Trade with us at Kemptown Carnival 2019 market

We are pleased to be accepting applications to trade at the Kemptown Carnival 2019 market.

If you are a Brighton and Hove artist, maker, baker, street food chef, seller of vintage wares or local produce, charity or community group, come and join us on June 1st 2019 for a wonderful day of Carnival fun!

You can find more information and trader application forms here.

2 comments on “Trade with us at Kemptown Carnival 2019 market”

  1. joel Reply

    Hi there
    We are interested in trading with you this year at KC.

    We offer Halloumi fries, wraps, rainbow bagels, salad boxes, spicy harissa chickpea stew and Halloumi ice-cream. We have a middle eastern twist with our Halloumi.

    At present, we have many festivals booked in,including Brighton Fringe.

    Please check our Instagram for exactly what we do – Halloumilicious

    If you could send on more information, i would appreciate this.

    Many thanks


  2. Samuel Wood Reply

    We are Pommarola Pizza Gardens,
    not only a Pizzeria but a proper Pizza Show Venue.
    Please find below a few details of our unique business. We hope to find out more
    about your event and the possibility of working with you in the future.
    Before we go any further please CHECK THIS OUT!
    Pommarola is created on the concept of real Italian ARTISAN FOOD .
    As well as great food, our pizza stall has a UNIQUE VISUAL IMPACT
    that will enthral and amaze your event goers.
    With giant picture frames, smoking Mushrooms and zebra striped climbing walls,
    we create a magical area from which to order and eat your pizza.
    Pommarola is actually much more than a catering stall, it is in all sense a small
    venue loved by ALL AGE GROUPS.
    We MAKE OUR DOUGH on site every day, our pizzas are freshly made to every
    order, hand stretched and cooked in a WOOD FIRED OVEN which gives them that
    truly authentic taste of Italy.
    All of our basic ingredients are carefully sourced from Italian suppliers and our fresh
    ingredients come from LOCAL PRODUCERS.
    We cut no corners in order to provide our amazing pizzas, from the flour used to
    make the dough, to the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL which we drizzle over the pizza
    as it comes out piping hot from our wood fired oven.
    We extend our theatrical tendencies to our service, which is that of a high speed
    show with a mad Italian touch.
    Our pizza chefs are trained in ACROBATIC PIZZA THROWING and our staff are
    colorfully dressed to the tens making our stall an explosion in every sense.
    We have to offer great VEGAN, VEGETARIAN and GLUTEN FREE options with
    vegan mozzarella and freshly seasoned veg, melanzane
    alla parmigiana and made on site soups if requested by the festival.
    We take great care in preparing, cooking and serving our food as we believe that it
    shouldn’t be done in any other way, with this mindset we guarantee that every pizza,
    lasagna or coffee we serve is as authentic and delicious as one could taste in Italy
    We recycle all waste wherever possible: cans, plastic, cardboard and glass and we
    are happy to compost food waste if facilities exist on site.
    We Look at packaging very seriously, all of our disposables are biodegradable.
    Our Main Fuel source is Wood, responsibly and locally sourced.
    If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on the
    numbers below.
    I hope you also have time to take a look at our website photo’s and video to get a
    real idea of the Pommarola experience.
    many thanks

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